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Diversity Defined

Posted by itheabsolute on April 11, 2005

Diversity is about different thoughts, different habits, different backgrounds, different skills, different knowledge, different degrees, etc. We usually get along with people who think as we do or at least have the ability to change himself / herself to the way we see things. A wife and husband can live a long life together because they start to think and become alike. Usually diversity is something we don’t see in every day life.

This is because ‘context’ is an important and powerful enabler of the way we think. Put people from diverse backgrounds into a common system, it is likely that in a year or a couple of years’ time, all of them will think more or less alike. Hence our friends, our colleagues, our family members all more or less have a similar way of thinking. Our contexts are same. Hence similar ways of thinking.

Consequently, what a b-school can ensure is that at entry stage, there is enough diversity in the school. It picks up people from various backgrounds with different degrees, different work experience, different opinions, etc. It hopes that the school becomes a melting pot of ideas and thoughts. This will happen, no doubt. But, as the time goes, all the students will start thinking alike. The common context of the location, assignments, tests, stress of performance, placements, et al will define the way all students think. Since these are going to be common, it is quite likely all the students will start thinking alike. This will peak just before the placement time. Once the placements are over and when the students start thinking about the new jobs and the new places they are going to work at, thoughts again will move in different directions.

The power of the immediate context to influence the way of thinking cannot be overstated.

3 Responses to “Diversity Defined”

  1. Hi Wits

    You flatter me. Now it is my turn to “want” to meet you.

    As i wrote in my rules of blogging, i change. my blog represents either what i deeply believe in or my current state of mind.

    thanks for your insights into my various blogs. if the blogs made you think, i am glad about it.

    my thinking and writing is a result of my reading, observation and thinking habits.

    dont know who you are. but sure we can meet up. care, ISB, Hyderabad. April 16 onwards.


  2. wits said

    I was going thru your blogs (includes old) and realized the way your appearance changed from one to other. It made me to think that I should do the same in the near outlook. I believe it helps to refine, improve confidence along with making us know where we stand.

    I became fan of yours!!!!! Which greatly surprises me. Have my own reasons.

    Your blogs really make people think. They are all awesome. You must have made lot of ground work before starting to express like this. There might be many to share and criticize your ideas, thoughts…etc…But when it boils down to thought writing and to initiating it, I personally feel it’s so tough. To keep it going, you need a lot of support and a brave heart. One blunder, everything goes down.
    Excellent job. Keep up the good work.

    In the beginning, I thought you as another crazy guy out there, (with all your stupid questions and thoughts) then I wondered how you are good at expressing your ideas, and then I felt you are very good at writing, thought process and presenting. But that’s not what you are…was little confused…as a matter of fact, I am confused even now.
    In my opinion you make people think and make them walk with you. (This is my belief right now and might change in future)
    Then I started following you. Started from the title. You described why you are calling yourself I, the absolute, so I had answer to that. (BTW, I loved the way you described)
    Then the followed the next line, “COGITO ERGO SUM – Rene Descartes”
    Searched the web, and came to know about one of the most important and influential thinkers in human history who is sometimes called the founder of modern philosophy.
    Also came to know about his famous Latin phrase “cogito ergo sum,” or in English “I think, therefore I am.”
    Read all your blogs. Took a day to read all the 36 blogs. (I was away for some time as I said before)
    You said you had a wish to write a book in future. I would suggest you should first do a book with your entire blog collection. People might know how to free their mind by reading your blogs.
    You wanted to meet Verma, but I want to meet you to examine your approach.
    My feel about your blogs:
    Unrelated Factoids: good to read.. and enjoy.. sometimes make you laugh sometimes make you think. Sometimes show you new approach.
    The Power of Consumption, There is a first time for everything, The Naked Ape, Sharks Vs Poets: Are OK.
    She will keep me going: This is a naked truth. How many people will realize this. If everyone in this world understand this, perhaps there won’t be any war in the world. The other way of telling this is, “Whose problem is it?”
    Seven Habits of Highly Ineffective People: What an excellent theory.
    My Boss and I: Nothing is constant in this world. I know what you are trying to say but let’s see if you have the same opinion after one year.
    Multiplex Culture: Who is changed who. Very good though.
    MBA degree: Success is a relative term like you said. Neither MBA Degree not anything else can be related. Then why is it always linked with MBA Degree in your blogs?
    Management of Technology: No growth no downfall, no success no failure, no applause no critisizm, no advance no fall back ….always go hand in hand. If you are not critisized, you can not achieve success. Again truth well defined.
    Life Management: This is a never ending story. Even if you were to be given another 100 more years you can never manage your life. You can just feel that you managed. But the reality.. Life always manages you. One of the most influential thinker Rene Descartes died of pneumonia in Stockholm’s cold climate. Is there anyone who managed their lives leaving all the saints.. Hard to say.!!
    Leisure as the cornerstone of knowledge: Can’t really agree to this as this is lttle contraductory. Part of it is true and part of it is false.
    During prehistoric man it was “Hunger was the cornerstone of knowledge” and later it was “Neccessity was the cornerstone of knowledge” and now, I should say that “Desire or achievement is the cornerstone of Knowledge” and can not be leisure. Still thinking. …what say?
    More to discuss. Will be continued…
    Just a thought… You must be really getting lot of relaxation writing all these blogs and responding to the comments. Why don’t you write your experiences with the blog itself? I will be looking forward to see it.
    I am sure there will be somebody else who is enjoying your blogs like I do.
    Question: Do you ever go back and see what you wrote. (Not the present, first and foremost ones)
    Are you sure you are expressing the truth of your mind? Do not lie to yourself just for the sake of blogs. Read your past blogs and you should certainly get an answer.
    I am sure there will be somebody else who is enjoying your blogs like I do. God bless.

  3. Anonymous said

    Excellent analysis there. Very true could not agree with you more.

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