I, The Absolute

Control over Time

Posted by itheabsolute on April 10, 2005

Enter the week, when I would move to the campus to become a student after aeons. During the last few weeks since I got the call from ISB, in spite of my best efforts I have succumbed to Parkinson’s Law. As I shopped for the prescribed books and after seeing and feeling the size of each of these books, apart from feeling a scare, I realised that the only way to keep abreast of these books and the learning and gyan that all the Profs would impart, is to have supreme control over Time.

All get only 24 hours a day. No point cribbing about having only that much. I am not too sure what I will do/will have to do these 24 hours, but I guess I more or less know what I will not do / will not have to do these 24 hours. Let me see what emerges.

1. No TV (I will save 2 hours of time)
2. No talking on cell phone (save 2 hours)
3. No driving to the office and back (save about 30 minutes)
4. No office (save about 8 hours)
5. No general reading (save about 2 hours)

These total to about 14.5 hours. That’s a good amount of time!

I know there will be classes, library visits, group work, and a lot of study. Now I also know for sure I have these 14.5 hours, which I can put to effective use.

I will have control over Time by not necessarily doing certain things; but by not doing / not having to do certain other things.

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