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My Boss and I

Posted by itheabsolute on April 9, 2005

My boss was on his bi-monthly trip to Hyderabad to meet clients.

The first statement he made when I met him at the airport was, ‘next time I come I will not see this familiar face’. We met some existing clients and new ones. He gave a farewell dinner for me. He bought a book for me. Last two days, we had a ball of a time discussing intellectual stuff, cracking jokes and discussing business.

All along one thing that was underlying was my feeling that I won’t be working for him any longer. I am sure he also had a similar feeling. In fact he was quite expressive and said in so many words that the entire team including he are going to miss me. It was moment of elation juxtaposed with sadness.

In my long years of experience, I haven’t seen a boss like him and haven’t seen a ‘complete man’ like him. Our relationship was bordering more on friendship than on boss-subordinate level.

I realised that I was working more for my boss than for the organisation. If I did not have MBA plans and if my boss were moving from this organisation it was highly likely that I would also move with him. Also, if chance occasions I would be glad to work with him again.

I don’t intend to give up this relationship. If it is not in the form of boss, I would definitely like to continue to have him as my friend and mentor.

One Response to “My Boss and I”

  1. wits said

    Was out of these blogs for quite some time due some issues. Good to read your thoughts again.

    Good Luck to you.


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