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MBA degree – Neither necessary for success; nor guarantees success

Posted by itheabsolute on April 6, 2005

If MBA degree were necessary for success then we would not have had Sam Waltons, Bill Gates and Dhirubhais of the world. If MBA degree were to guarantee success then all people with MBA degrees should have been successful.

However, that is not the case. Then what is it that makes successful people.

It is people who buy goods and services
It is people who sell goods and services
It is people who are our colleagues
It is people who are our bosses
It is people who are our competitors
It is people who are our family and friends

World is made of people.

The ability to deal with and relate to people is the most important differentiating factor. People ability is the key to success.

When you are a boss, the ability to pick up the right kind of team
When you are a strategist, the ability to pierce into the plans of the competition
When you are a salesperson, the ability to read the pulse of the customer
When you are a colleague, the ability to collaborate to effect synergies
When you are a friend, the ability to listen and empathize

It is critical to be able to operate at various levels depending on whom you are dealing with. Be a people person.

Post Scriptum:
1. An MBA degree is an additional tool in the hands of an already smart person.
2. Success is a relative term. Here the reference is to the meaning, which is generally agreed upon.

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