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Unrelated Factoids / Thoughts – Part IV

Posted by itheabsolute on April 1, 2005

1. Thank God, it’s Friday. There won’t be many people at office to disturb me on Saturday and Sunday. I can work longer and undisturbed
2. With the possible exception of equator everything begins somewhere – anonymous
3. The greatest bliss is that the innermost thought CAN remain undivulged. If others knew what we ‘can’ think, there could be a war everyday
4. ‘Jekyll and Hyde’ duality is a reality of life
5. We will do all that is possible now. The impossible will take a little longer – anonymous
6. If it could have been done, it would have been done. Provided it was tried. Since it was not done, either conclusion is possible. It cannot be done or it has not been tried
7. I wan to live in the world on my terms – Hemmingway
8. Conscience is many times a matter of convenience. On things convenient to us, we can be moralistic. On things otherwise a little licence is always okay
9. Can anyone please tell me who designs the on-court attire of Serena Williams?
10. Rebel destroys the system; revolutionary transforms it
11. What is common need not be simple. For instance, a common emotion like love
12. Do the best things in life come free or is there no free lunch?
13. Some good things definitely come free. Life has come free. Sleep, at least till one gets old, comes free
14. Sleep is the second best thing in life
15. Finally, OED had to accept ‘prepone’ as a word and publish it. It will not be long before we (Indians) make The King’s English to be edited to meet “Indian grammar” convention
16. Is there a ‘right’ age for marriage?
17. Salman Rushdie (British citizen) writes “Satanic Verses”. Ban the book; disown him. He wins booker. Declare that he is an Indian. Invite him for felicitations
18. Do good intentions justify mismanagement?
19. What would all those on-looking foreigners be thinking when our heroes and heroines rehearse/shoot for dance/song sequence for our movies in those foreign locales?
20. India seems to be the only country with song-dance sequences in films
21. Indian is a very old country. But does it require that it always needs to be ruled by old ministers?
22. Has anyone kept a count of how many times ZMZ repeat telecasts a movie?
23. The idea of an agreeable person is one who agrees with me – Samuel Johnson

Post Scriptum:
Point 7 – That he later committed suicide is a different matter
Point 10 – In India, many activists do rebellious/destructive activities in the name of revolution /constructive activity (Medha Patkars of the world included)
Point 18 – Behind Nehru’s misplaced planning on making India a superpower through socialistic philosophy were good intentions
Point 19 – It is more interesting to watch these people in the background (with question mark on their faces) than watch our heroes and heroines dance

5 Responses to “Unrelated Factoids / Thoughts – Part IV”

  1. wits said

    I was going thru your blogs (includes old) and realized the way your appearance changed from one to other. It made me to think that I should do the same in the near outlook. I believe it helps to refine, improve our confidence along with making us know where we stand.

    I became fan of yours!!!!! which greatly surprised me. Have my own reasons.

    Your blogs really make people think. Tough to express like this. There might be many to share and criticize your ideas, thoughts…etc…but when it comes to opening up their mind, the start itself looks very tough and to keep it going we really need lot of support and a brave heart. One blunder, no one looks at your blog.
    I really appreciate your job.

    In the beginning, I thought you are crazy, (with all your stupid questions and thoughts) then I thought you are good at expressing your ideas, and then I felt you are very good at writing and presenting. But that’s not what you are…I was little confused…as a matter of fact even now. I think you make people think. (This is my belief right now and might change in future)

    You said you had a desire to write a book in future. I would suggest you should first do a book with your entire blog collection. People might know how to free their mind by reading your blogs.

    Just a thought… You must be getting lot of relaxation writing and responding. Why don’t you write your experiences with the blog itself? I will be looking forward to see it.

    I am sure there will be somebody else who is enjoying your blogs like I do.

    BTW, do you think and write or write and think?–>

  2. Hi Anonymous 2

    thnx. the points are what i think and what i have read. each one may have no relation to the other. my intent is to generate a thought process in the readers/myself.

    writing and soliloquising are very effective ways to clarify one’s own thoughts.

  3. Hi Anonymous 1

    Agree with you partially.

    However, song-dance is contextual to such films. imagine a tommy lee jones doing a duet with a tribal lady on his way chasing harisson ford in fugitive. thats the kind of song-dance sequence which makes indian movies different.

  4. Anonymous said

    hey buddy

    have been checking out ur blog of late.. the link from Bharani. You have an interesting writing style I must say, what is with all the points?????

    Anywayz I enjoy ur writing…


  5. Anonymous said

    20. India seems to be the only country with song-dance sequences in films

    Ever heard of musicals from hollywood?
    – ‘Chicago’ for instance.

    BTW, if there were no song-dance sequences in hindi films… I wouldn’t watch hindi films 🙂

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