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I am getting there………..

Posted by itheabsolute on March 28, 2005

With just about three weeks left, am mid-way of ‘things to do list’

1. Relieving Date agreed to. Will need to work till very close to the date of my reporting at ISB
2. My replacement has been finalized. This provides relief
3. My existing loans have been taken care. So relieving letter will come in time
4. My education loan application has been sent to SBI. Understand there should be no problem here
5. Started with MBA survival kit. This is a pre-term of pre-term
6. Decided to take pre-term (minus 14k). I am neither a shark nor a poet. I will place myself somewhere in between. As somebody wrote on his blog, your expenses only go up after you come to ISB as you will keep comparing your expenses on a particular item with the overall expenditure and really don’t mind spending that small (?) amount.
7. Rejoined Gym. I found considerable difference in energy levels. Despite burning calories in the gym, find myself left with more of them to work late into the night
8. Started to sit late into the night. Want to get used to it
9. More or less finalized my/our diet for the year to come. Want it to be a good mix of carbs and proteins (avoid fats totally). Since my wife will work during the year, will share the kitchen portfolio with her
10. My blog – decided that it will slowly move into hard skills territory from soft skills territory as I settle down at ISB
11. Will retain my car. Wife needs it.
12. Working on CAS form. Have finalized the “five” firms that I would like to interview with on campus. Will i be able to get placed with one of these? At least, i am quite excited now.
13. Shopping is done. I am sick of formal wear, tie and black shoe. Have splurged on casual wear.
14. Dentist – Done. Went to him ‘just like that’ since I had not gone to a dentist ever. He took his consultation fee for nothing
15. More or less decided my coiffure for the next year (didn’t have much of choice with the receding mane) (hope ISB does not have any bar on trying new hairdos)
16. My household items are more or less sold (Feeling good about going back to starting life afresh)
17. Increased my insurance cover. I am never happy with the amount of my insurance cover
18. Yet to complete medical insurance for me, wife and parents
19. Have asked my brother in law and sister (in the US) to pick up a good camcorder/ digital camera. These should hopefully reach me on time
20. Settlement from employer – Will happen on relieving day. But this will screw up my tax planning for the FY 2005-06
21. General Reading – a lot to cover. Where do i start?
22. Applied for ESOPs. (hopefully, market will pick up by the time i get to sell them)
23. Build database of contacts – in progress

Am i really getting organised as i believed i was? Pre-MBA effects?

2 Responses to “I am getting there………..”

  1. thnx. dont think there is any way to survive the next one year but by being relaxed. taking too much of stress is definitely not going to help.

  2. Anonymous said

    excellent post, seems like you are much more of yourself and relaxed

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