I, The Absolute

Fifteen things before I die

Posted by itheabsolute on March 25, 2005

1. Get an MBA degree
2. Travel to at least 10 exotic locations in the world
3. Own a Merc
4. Become CEO of a Bank
5. Write a book
6. Challenge every assumption/prejudice that I have lived with
7. Be healthy and fit
8. Try all types of food
9. Learn to Swim
10. Complete reading a quarter of books from my “to read” list
11. Interview Ramgopal Verma. Understand “how” he thinks
12. Smoke a Cuban Cigar once
13. Contribute directly to poverty alleviation and fund home
for the aged
14. Own a Bungalow
15. _________________


1.Am sick of answering ‘B Sc’ to the question “what is your qualification?”
2.Along with my wife, of course
3.My next car?
4. Will ISB experience take me to entrepreneurship?
5.Topic undecided. But the topic will be something which integrates my
learning from various disciplines ranging from Anthropology to Astronomy
8. A little conservative here. But, had ‘ras malai’ for the first time
today. Hey, I am getting there……
9.Close to being hydrophobic.
12. If I survive the first few puffs
14. Both at Hyderabad and South Mumbai
15. Unmentionable

One Response to “Fifteen things before I die”

  1. set your sights higer life has so much more to offer…

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