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Unrelated Factoids / Thoughts – Part II

Posted by itheabsolute on March 16, 2005

1. B-school life is a subset of life.
2. Treat to the one who explains to me James Joyce’s Ulysses.
3. Culture is a way of life; not something, which happened in past; nor something, which is preserved in museums.
4. My first question when interviewing someone – why is your resume more than one paged. Were you the secretary of state of the US?
5. The US is not a rice eating country. Why is the current secretary of state of the US named ‘Rice’?
6. Philippines language has the maximum number of words for ‘rice’.
7. In English there are no separate words for uncooked and boiled/cooked ‘rice’
8. What would a refrigerator or a train be called if a ‘Telugu’ or a ‘Hindi’ man were to invent them? (there are no words for these things in these languages)
9. What did Vaughan mean when he said, “I saw eternity the other night”?
10. Is Jackie Chan a masochist? Otherwise, why does he hurt himself in all the films and have it shown to us in the end of the film.
11. Why did Jackie choose Mallika for his film?
12. The word ‘like’ has the maximum number of meanings
13. Would life be different if the protagonists of “Sex and the City” lived in India?
14. People’s representatives! Who can represent me? I don’t intend anyone to represent me – D H Lawrence
15. Is there more intense positive emotion that what a Lawrentain woman can feel
16. Was Freud oedipal?
17. ‘Locomotion’ is the fundamental difference between animals and plants
18. Is the heroine in “Lucky – No time for love” a look alike of Aishwarya?
19. Can you current ‘good deeds’ cleanse of your ‘past sins’?
20. Will people stop calling life insurance policy as LIC policy?
21. Will maidservants stop asking for ‘surf’ when they want washing powder?

16 Responses to “Unrelated Factoids / Thoughts – Part II”

  1. i can imagine what would have been written on those five pages.


  2. ha aha .. point 4. I actually did this today morning .. and the guy who had come for interview was like “excuse me !!”…. puzzled, confused, bewildered.
    For the record, he had 5 page resume for 2-1/2 yr exp.

  3. yeah. treat does not necessarily mean party.

    i dont know how to make edits to the post i have already put. otherwise i could rectify some errors mistakes i make. do let me know if you know how to make edits.


  4. wits said

    I know what you meant. But the word treat really mean a party?

  5. bharani

    will chk my facts again.

  6. big brother

    good one

  7. wits


    2. i will treat the one who explains the content of the book, to a dinner

    4. my resume is one pager. i wudnt apply to ISB if i was secy to state. having one pager is nothing great or otherwise. i ask the question.

    7. i did not refer to the pros and cons of a language. i referred to the strong correlation between culture and language. further reading: noam chomsky

    repeating myself…diversity is fun. life is good because of this.
    happy to see responses and those responses that show annoyance towards my post too. i like criticism as much as appreciation.

  8. Bharani said

    I thought “set” has maximum number of meanings in English language..

  9. Big Brother said

    9. An endless Summer night

  10. Chico said

    2. U R too young to under stand

  11. Chico said

    20. Does it really bother U?

  12. Chico said

    21.Hire a Graduate Maidservant

  13. Chico said

    16.All the “Great” people are oedipals

  14. wits said

    2. What do you mean by Treat? Is it something like treaty?

    4. Frankly speaking, How many pages of resume you have? Are you the secretary of state of the US?
    7. Every language has pros and cons. You have 3 languages in your blog which does not have all the words. English,Hindi and Telugu.
    18. Yes. She looks like Aishwarya if you are looking for answer.
    19. They might not clean your past but yes, they will surely purify your heart and soul.
    You can also add “Xerox” and “Cousin Brother” to 20 and 21

  15. then isn’t a car or a bus is also “dhooma sekhatam”, to the extent that they also release soot.
    can’t comment much on “lohapath gamini”.

  16. Chico said


    If a “Telugaite” would have invented the Train, he must have called it “Dhooma Sekhatam” which means a “Train” in Telugu.

    If a “Banarasi Babu” Invented the Train, he would have called it “Lohapath Gamini”

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