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Seven Habits of Highly Ineffective People

Posted by itheabsolute on March 15, 2005

1. Be reactive. Let someone else take the initiative. If and when someone does it, think about reacting.
2. Never Plan. Keep going; you will reach somewhere. Who cares where you reach
3. Discuss things randomly. Confuse others so that they never bother you with tasks and assignments
4. Win-win does not exist. There is only limited amount of “winning” possible. If you share it with someone else then you will have to give up your share (refer to the rules of physics which say that amount of energy is constant. You can only change the forms.)
5. Interrupt others while they are talking. Listening is not a habit; people who don’t have anything to talk listen.
6. Entropy is an accepted reality. All succumb to it. So I also go from bad to worse.
7. Things lying idle rust. My mind too. No need to complain

PS: Apologies to Covey

2 Responses to “Seven Habits of Highly Ineffective People”

  1. by being in job for long, frankly my mind had started to rust. as, typically, creativity is bridled by systems and processes and protocol. one good reason to take a break is to let the mind work. i am sure all of the ISBians are going to do this. ISB thus will rock with ideas , a reason y we can pay INR 15 lac. won’t miss to thank for ur complement.

  2. Bharani said

    Cool post..I am starting to like yours thinking..

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