I, The Absolute

Can we ever live “now”

Posted by itheabsolute on March 8, 2005

We live in anticipation of something to happen. The actual something, when and if it happens, does not actually give the pleasure the process of waiting and anticipating gives. I have almost spent one long year planning and waiting for the admission offer from ISB. Now that ISB admit is a fait accompli, it no longer gives the thrill the waiting used to give. Today, i paid INR 1 lac to the school to reserve a place in the class of 2006. Now, i wait for the date of joining. when the date of joining happens would i be satisfied. i guess not. i will then actually look forward to the classes, then to the learning, then to the placements, et al.

Whoever said “Anticipation is half fun”. Where is the other half?

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